Why Christian Women Can’t Get Ahead

Last week, Canadian writer and Christian feminist Sarah Bessey started a hashtag entitled #ThingsOnlyChristianWomenHear and the results were pretty fantastic. And by “fantastic” I mean stomach-curdling, exasperating, cathartic, and angering. Friends have already written about it here and here. You’ll find there samples of the typical things Christian women hear, and the fact that it trended so quickly only [Read More…]

Even Metaphorically, the Bible is Wrong About Women

Two thousand years ago, ancient Mediterraneans believed that men should tell women what to do and never vice versa.  Because of the culture freezing power of religion, many modern people still hold to the same belief even now.  For example, in Saudi Arabia women still aren’t free to vote, drive, or go out in public [Read More…]

Evangelicalism: It’s Not Just a Messaging Problem

Rachel Held Evans recently wrote an honest and courageous reflection on the biblical story of Abraham nearly killing his son, Isaac.  She knocked it out of the park, in fact, and I think it’s one of her strongest posts to date.  Following the lead of Peter Enns, she challenges the notion that a high view [Read More…]