Camp Quest Is Coming to Mississippi!

If you know anything about camps in the region of the country where I live, you know that they’re almost uniformly religious in nature. Even the ones which conceal their religious affiliations tend to recruit from among the devout from whichever tradition the directors inhabit…which is fine, if that’s what you’re looking for. But what [Read More…]

Condescension Isn’t Kindness

Recently, an article ran about the award I received from the Freedom From Religion Foundation in the Clarion Ledger  and was later reprinted by the Hattiesburg American. I received the first ever Yip Harburg Youth Activist award for an article I wrote about cruel responses to the complaint the City of Collins received for their Christmas decorations. The [Read More…]

Mississippi Votes Against Its Own Best Interests, Again

Yesterday my state voted against adequately funding my children’s education. I’m just heartsick this morning. So incredibly disappointed.  And the voting results don’t even make sense when you add them up.  They only make sense when you consider who opposed this initiative and how they went about defeating it. Last year 200,000 Mississippi residents signed a [Read More…]

When State Representatives Try to Kill Their Own Educational System

This fall after teaching high school and middle school for 15 years, I finally turned in my lanyard and took a break from teaching.  I can’t tell you for certain that I’ll never go back because who knows what the future holds? But I can tell you what made me decide to leave the classroom. [Read More…]

Ole Miss Takes Down the State Flag for Good

This morning as students at the University of Mississippi (aka “Ole Miss“) trudged their way through the drizzly remnants of what used to be Hurricane Patricia, campus police officers were permanently removing the state flag of Mississippi (depicted on the front of my neighbor’s pickup truck, see picture) to be put away for good in the [Read More…]

My School System Really Doesn’t Get What the Establishment Clause Means

A few weeks ago I finally wrote out a little bit of the story of how and when I decided to start writing about my departure from the Christian faith, along with the consequences I encountered for doing so. I started blogging two weeks after that saga culminated in the loss of a teaching job, [Read More…]

Not All Mississippians Are This Backwards, But Some Are (Video)

The struggle is real, y’all. First of all, let me say up front that #NotAllMississippians talk the way this guy talks.  Not all residents of The Hospitality State hate all the same things this guy clearly hates. Many of us are here for different reasons and hope to see some kind of progress filtering down [Read More…]

Sex as a Southern Woman: A Story of Shame

[Today’s guest post is written by Holly Baer, a student of religion and gender studies at the University of Mississippi.] Three months before my seventeenth birthday, I sat in my room with anxious sweat on my palms. After dating for two years, my boyfriend and I decided we were ready to have sex. My mother, a [Read More…]

Baptists Should Know Better Than to Declare the Bible the Official State Book

Earlier this month, state representatives in my home state of Mississippi proposed two separate bills which would establish the Bible as the official state book.  Both major political parties are represented in this attempt, and by many accounts this appears to have a groundswell of bipartisan support among state lawmakers.  Of course state symbols are [Read More…]

Big News for Godless in Dixie in 2015

I’ve got several exciting (for me) things to announce: 1. First Funding Milestone Reached In addition to teaching high school full-time, I’ve held down a weekend retail job for the last four years.  Until recently I worked Saturdays and Sundays, which gave me a 7-day work week for nearly three years straight (but of course income inequality [Read More…]