Parenting Children Who Still Believe

Most fathers enjoy the luxury of sharing their beliefs with their own children unguarded, without fear of reprisal. It’s the kind of entitlement you hardly even notice until it is taken away. Back in the charmed early days of parenting each of my four beautiful daughters, I enjoyed that luxury myself. But our family dynamic eventually [Read More…]

Sometimes Love Really Is Abuse

The past couple of weeks there has been a lot of discussion about religious indoctrination and abuse.  A couple of weeks ago I received a good bit of pushback from my readers because I asserted that you shouldn’t call teaching creationism “child abuse.” If you check out that article (linked here) and sort the comments by number of [Read More…]

Am I Raising My Kids to Be Atheists?

We’ve had a fun intramural spat here on The Heathen Channel at Patheos over whether or not you should deliberately raise your kids to be atheists.  If you’d like to catch up on that discussion you can read here, here, here, here, and again here.  I could spend lots of time interacting point-by-point with what [Read More…]

Being a Mom (or Dad) is More Than Enough

A few years ago I read an essay by a woman arguing that feminism did a major disservice to families by teaching women to evaluate their own worth by the same measures which men use to evaluate themselves.  She argued that the movement adopted the typical American man’s view of self-worth which says a person [Read More…]