Faith: Believing Without (Enough) Evidence

Nobody likes having their intelligence insulted, so it’s not hard to see why Christians push back when they are told that faith means “believing without evidence.” On the contrary, Christians very much believe they have evidence for the things they believe in (e.g. the resurrection of Jesus), although what they consider “evidence” may look quite [Read More…]

Dear Christian Evangelist, Whom Are You Trying to Save?

Last week I did something I try to do often:  I had a public dialogue with a Christian about the ways in which I feel non-believers like myself are misunderstood by people of faith.  I was invited onto the podcast of Phil Vischer, creator of Veggie Tales and an evangelical Christian with an ongoing ministry among [Read More…]

Building Bridges Between Faith and Doubt (+Video)

Our manner of public discourse really stinks, you know it?  I’m willing to own my own share of the problem, but I also know I work harder than most at showing patience and empathy toward people who think differently from me.  I want to talk about how we can do better at that, particularly when [Read More…]

What Too Many Atheists Don’t Get About Christians (part two)

This morning a student asked me if she could leave the classroom to get a drink of water from the water fountain across the hall. Since it’s not ten feet from my door, I said “okay,” but I also kept an eye on her because she regularly disappears down the hallway when I let her [Read More…]

What Too Many Atheists Don’t Get About Christians (part one)

Dialogues between Christians and atheists rarely go well.  In fact, they’re usually more like dueling monologues in which both parties talk past each other.  Sometimes it escalates into online shouting matches and name calling, which can be cathartic but never accomplishes anything productive.  I find this happens most often when one or both parties either [Read More…]