Camp Quest Is Coming to Mississippi!

If you know anything about camps in the region of the country where I live, you know that they’re almost uniformly religious in nature. Even the ones which conceal their religious affiliations tend to recruit from among the devout from whichever tradition the directors inhabit…which is fine, if that’s what you’re looking for. But what [Read More…]

Why God Keeps Showing Up in Public Schools (Video)

A couple of weeks ago I had the honor of speaking at the second annual Secular Summit held by the Secular Coalition of Arizona (video below). I mentioned them before at the end of another post, but they deserve several more mentions. The Importance of Organized Secularism It can be really difficult organizing secularists. In [Read More…]

Introducing the Patient’s Right to Know Act

Did you know that if you have ovarian cancer for which the treatment would cause sterility, healthcare facilities run by religious institutions will withhold specific types of chemotherapy and not tell you they even exist? The same goes for treatments of testicular cancer. Any course of treatment which renders a man unable to reproduce is strictly forbidden [Read More…]

In Case You Haven’t Noticed, I Am Openly Secular

Like most agnostics/atheists, I am not much of a joiner.  In a way, that’s sorta how I got to be where I am today.  While my environment is almost uniformly evangelical, I took a road less traveled, and as the Frost poem says, that has made all the difference. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t [Read More…]