Why Christian Women Can’t Get Ahead

Last week, Canadian writer and Christian feminist Sarah Bessey started a hashtag entitled #ThingsOnlyChristianWomenHear and the results were pretty fantastic. And by “fantastic” I mean stomach-curdling, exasperating, cathartic, and angering. Friends have already written about it here and here. You’ll find there samples of the typical things Christian women hear, and the fact that it trended so quickly only [Read More…]

On the Sexualization of Science: A Response to Jerry Coyne

[Today’s guest post is by Melissa Chen, a geneticist at MIT and the editor of the Global Secular Humanist Movement] Accusations of “mansplaining” erupted the other day after the illustrious evolutionary biologist and best-selling author Dr. Jerry Coyne posted some views on his website that drew the ire of some feminists, though notably, many female scientists [Read More…]