Can You Choose NOT to Believe?

I try not to get sucked into too many arguments about religion in my friends’ social media spaces because I never know how personally their friends and relatives will take the discussion. Arguing in the comment section of a blog or on Reddit is one thing, but when you’re on people’s Facebook walls you may be crossing [Read More…]

Groundhog Day: Finding Purpose Even If There’s No Tomorrow

Given that large numbers of people in New England this morning are digging themselves out from under a “big blizzard thing,” and given that February 2nd is just a few days away, it seems like today is a good day to once again offer my thoughts on one of my favorite movies of all time: Groundhog Day. Few movies [Read More…]

God Does Exist

A couple of summers ago I spent entirely too much time in online discussion groups arguing with people about whether or not gods exist. I say “gods” because there were several being debated. Of course, where I live, everyone safely assumes that only one particular deity is even on the table for discussion. But the [Read More…]

If the Shoe Fits

Wanna hear something funny?  Well, it’s funny to me, anyway… Last month when I was doing the Interview an Atheist at Church thing, at one point in the interview I said, “There are people out there who believe the stuff you do that’s good for the world is wasted unless it’s done in the right [Read More…]