I Drew the Line at Canaan

I quit attending church nearly six years ago, at which point I had already been an atheist for two. And let me tell you, it’s not easy attending church as an atheist, much less teaching Sunday School as one (interesting story I’ll tell you about another time). Today I’d like to tell you about the last [Read More…]

John Piper and the Art of Not Answering a Question

Anyone who has wrestled seriously with the Bible’s claim that we will all be judged after we die has at some point asked, “But what about those who will never hear of our religion?” Granted, some are so egocentric that they assume everyone everywhere has heard their religion’s spiel. But most reasonable people realize this is [Read More…]

Leaving Your Faith Isn’t as Self-Flattering as You Think

[Today’s guest post is written by Brian, aka “The Apostate,” who writes at A Pasta Sea] I suspect that the very existence of apostates might be a bit of an inconvenience for Christians. Not all apostates obviously. Many fit the preferred narrative quite well. These are the folks raised in the church who “go astray” [Read More…]