Why Christians Don’t Like Sharing Their Faith

A few weeks ago I attended my family’s church because my oldest was being recognized among the seniors graduating from high school (yes, I’m old enough for such things). Attending the church of my youth is always interesting and entertaining, and most likely in all the wrong ways if what they’re hoping is that I’ll [Read More…]

Dear Christian Evangelist, Whom Are You Trying to Save?

Last week I did something I try to do often:  I had a public dialogue with a Christian about the ways in which I feel non-believers like myself are misunderstood by people of faith.  I was invited onto the podcast of Phil Vischer, creator of Veggie Tales and an evangelical Christian with an ongoing ministry among [Read More…]

Evangelists: God’s Pick-Up Artists

If you’ve ever peered into the creepy world of pick-up artists you’ve probably heard of “negging.” Negging is a technique whereby the pick-up artist discovers and exploits a vulnerability in his target in order to get her off balance just long enough to take advantage of her insecurities for his own purposes.  Maybe that means [Read More…]

A Reader Asks: How Do I Deter Proselytizers?

I am woefully behind on answering emails thanks to a busy weekend conference plus, well, my normal life.  But this morning I want to take a second to answer a question I got this week for the benefit of anybody else who’s wondering the same things. Over the weekend, a reader asked me this: Since [Read More…]