the church are full of perverts.

The pervert claims direct access to some figure of the big Other (from God or history to the desire of his partner), so that, dispelling all the ambiguity of language, he is able to act directly as the instrument of the big Other's will. In this sense, both Osama bin Laden and President Bush, although politically opponents, share a pervert structure: they both act upon the presupposition that their acts are directly ordered and guided by the divine will. - Zizek"Can you discover God's hidden … [Read more...]

the semblant of nicodemus.

The discussion between Yahshua and Nakdimon concerns being “born again.” Nakdimon appears not to understand the intent of Yahshua’s words and perhaps there is some validity to his questioning. However, he was a well respected teacher in Israel with knowledge of the Hebraic phrase referred to as being “born again.” So, what exactly was this conversation all about?So Nicodemus comes to talk with Jesus AT NIGHT. This is key. The night in Hebrew and Greek literature is never just the night, there … [Read more...]