Does God Give Us More Than We Can Handle?

And does it count as handling it if we weep, shout, and completely fall apart? [Read more…]

Eternal Love in Heavenly Bodies

Why I intend to keep hugging and kissing my wife in heaven – even if we might spend some time in the ultimate long-distance relationship first. [Read more…]

A Potential Collaboration?

(Note: this was a post that contained information that was not as public as I thought, and so it has been removed. I hope to repost something in the future.) [Read more…]

The Extraterrestrial Problem

Swedenborgians tend to avoid discussing one of the most engaging, easy-to-read works in the New Church canon. Why? Because it’s also the one with the aliens. [Read more…]

The End of the World As We Know It? The New Church Hope for the Future

The New Church believes that the Last Judgment and the “end of the age” have already occurred. So what is the New Church hope for the future of the human race? [Read more…]

Searching Swedenborg

As you might have noticed if you’ve followed links to passages from Swedenborg’s theological works  from this or other Swedenborgian blogs, there’s little consistency in terms of what site those links might send you to. I most often link to the Swedenborg collection on, since in my opinion it is the best site for [Read More…]