We Should Raze But Not Erase Evil

The arrival of so many small children at the tiny train station at Hattenheim could not have gone unnoticed . . .

These attempts to shed light on the atrocities committed at the Eichberg may have done little to change the regional population’s lack of interest in this topic, however.

—Lutz Kaelber

“You ever eat grass-fed beef?” This from a biker in Starbucks, eavesdropping on my conversation with a friend.

“Yeah,” I said. “It’s good.”

He curled his lip. “Tastes like grass.”

“You have to cook it right,” I told him.

He grunted disapproval. A confederate flag was stitched to his sleeve and he wore a Penn State cap. I suppose that willingness to display the former is evidence of a certain inurement to public opinion that enables one to impart lifestyle instruction to strangers while wearing the latter. [Read more…]