What is Truth?

“It’s a slippery slope when a companies don’t deliver what they promise.”

Yes, “a companies.” That’s exactly how this garbled bit of wisdom, which comes from Stephen DeNittis, attorney for Burlington County in New Jersey, appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

One doesn’t know whether it is the attorney who is inept at speaking, or the copywriter who has failed to proofread; schools of law and journalism long ago ceased to be loci of literacy and thought, which is a fitting end for any organization that renounces the Oxford comma.

The slippery slope that concerns attorney DeNittis, however—that occupies his professional time, in fact, representing as he does the good taxpayers of Burlington County—is the sad reality that a number of local Subway stores have been accused of selling foot-long sandwiches that sometimes fall as much as an inch shy of the boast. [Read more…]