A Feast for Hungry Eyes: An Interview with Sam Phillips, Part 2

Continued from yesterday.

Chad Thomas Johnston: The website for The Long Play shut down on May 1st. Did you achieve what you hoped to with this project?

Sam Phillips: I did. It was so much fun, and there was instant gratification in knowing that, in a few weeks, I was going to make my work available to people without having to jump through certain hoops usually associated with the release of a record. There was a lot of freedom in that.

I was also so happy that I had as many takers as I did. The site stayed open longer than I thought it would, and it found more friends than I thought it would, too.

I loved making myself write that much music. At the same time, I think doing The Long Play made me long to do something a little bit more involved, and with production that was a little bit more filled out.

With Push Any Button, I got to work on the arrangements, write at my own pace, and take a little more time with things. Now I feel like I want to go back the other way. That back ‘n’ forth is what makes it fun for me. I don’t want to do the same things over and over again. [Read more…]