Atheist Meditation: Mark W. Gura and Rick Heller in Dialogue

Three's a crowd, and we now have three offerings for atheists interested in meditation. Is that too many books on one topic or rather, an indication of burgeoning interest? I think it's the latter.Besides Sam Harris's Waking Up, the others are Atheist Meditation Atheist Spirituality by Mark W. Gura and my book, Secular Meditation. Mark and I recently talked by phone about our books.After listening to the conversation, I encourage you to check out both by following the links and clicking o … [Read more...]

What is This Thing Called Cranberry Sauce?

The Thanksgiving holiday is a great time to take up mindful eating, one of the practices I share in my recently published book, Secular Meditation. With so many goodies on the table, there is a temptation to eat until we burst. Mindful eating can be helpful in preventing overeating.In a group, mindful eating can also serve as a sort of ceremony or ritual, taking the place that grace does in religious households. But I don’t consider it a ritual because it’s not an arbitrary convention. Mind … [Read more...]

Meditation 1: Prometheus and Rollo May

For a first meditation, I figured what better than the myth of Prometheus, as interpreted by Rollo May, one of my favorite humanistic psychologists. Let's just dive into May's words, from his 1975 book The Courage to Create:In ancient Greek civilization, there is the myth of Prometheus, a Titan living on Mount Olympus, who saw that human beings were without fire. His stealing fire from the gods and giving it to humankind is taken henceforth by the Greeks as the beginning of … [Read more...]