Thanks, Mom

My daughter, my sweetheart, wrote this poem to me and I thought to share it with you... Enjoy. Being born is not something to share In fact it is something to bear What if you had to take care of the baby all day long? Your husband doesn't care and is in Hong Kong Your mother sometimes doesn't bear you anymore And she always feels sour and sore Out of how mad she is That her husband doesn't want to admit that the baby is also his The job is hard So just let your mother sit in the … [Read more...]

uranI Love my Dishes

I wish all my dishes, spoons, forks, and cups were disposable!! I wish they could invent disposable pots too. These are my wishes every time I go inside my kitchen and see the mountains and hills made by my dishes. Every day I wash the dishes then use them, then wash them again. I say Bismillah and start to wash the dishes. I remember the few times I go eat out, looking at the waiter take the dishes for someone else to wash. I also remember our dear sisters under fire who are forced to … [Read more...]