Guilt- A Very Powerful Feeling

I hate feeling guilty. It’s a gut-wrenching feeling of disappointment that I let someone down, that someone is upset at me. It’s a powerful feeling that gets hold of me and can make my mind spin in ten different directions. It makes me read people’s faces to make sure they aren’t too angry at something I may or may not have done. It makes me say extra sweet words (even if they were the ones who initiated the altercation), just to make the situation better. It makes me feel bad about myself. The … [Read more...]

Not Just Any Masjid

Kay recently started going to masjid on Saturday mornings. Her father and I had decided when she turned 5 we would start sending her. My husband's initial suggestion was to have someone come to our house and teach her. I was a little against this idea because that was how I was taught Quran, and only Quran. I didn’t learn anything else specifically about salah, duas, or our Prophets (peace and blessings be upon them all). My neighborhood has several masjids all within walking distance of my h … [Read more...]

A Special Graduation

On May 23, 2012 my daughter Kay graduated from Pre-K from the on campus school where I attend college and I celebrated her graduation with a cake and special present from her father and me. I wanted her graduation to be special, not only because she finished Pre-K but because Kay had finished three years at my college. She started out going to daycare as a 2-year-old all because I wanted to pursue my dream of completing my degree. My daughter sacrificed a lot these past three years; there were … [Read more...]