Not Just Any Masjid

Kay recently started going to masjid on Saturday mornings. Her father and I had decided when she turned 5 we would start sending her. My husband's initial suggestion was to have someone come to our house and teach her. I was a little against this idea because that was how I was taught Quran, and only Quran. I didn’t learn anything else specifically about salah, duas, or our Prophets (peace and blessings be upon them all). My neighborhood has several masjids all within walking distance of my h … [Read more...]

A Special Graduation

On May 23, 2012 my daughter Kay graduated from Pre-K from the on campus school where I attend college and I celebrated her graduation with a cake and special present from her father and me. I wanted her graduation to be special, not only because she finished Pre-K but because Kay had finished three years at my college. She started out going to daycare as a 2-year-old all because I wanted to pursue my dream of completing my degree. My daughter sacrificed a lot these past three years; there were … [Read more...]