The Wedding Gift

I sat at the dinner table with the family, discussing potential gift options for our new nephew. A story hidden deep in my memories resurfaced. It was a lesson for my children about good intentions and sincere actions being more important than the actual monetary value of a gift. I recalled a time, before my children were barely old enough to talk and walk and my dear husband was out of work. It had been months of unemployment. It was difficult for us. While we never lived lavishly, we were … [Read more...]

Slowing Down is Not a Bad Thing….

I spent a great deal of time with my children this summer. By time I mean one on one time getting to know them. Not the time I spend turbo driving from one summer event  to another.  Due to family health issues, we were  not able to move about in our usual turbo speeds. Usually our summers are full of basketball, swimming, soccer, Islamic school, art & science camps,  and endless outdoor play.This summer we slowed down. A lot. For us, we spent a significant amount of time at home. Tim … [Read more...]

Summer Fun!

Alhamdulillah summer has begun!  Unfotunately one of my children, ruptured his ear drum. So this summer, we have to come up with  exciting activities that do  not include water slides, pools and squirt guns. Here are some of our ideas and we hope you will join in with more of your brilliant thoughts. Science club:InshaAllah, once a week I am planning to invite some of my children's classmates to enjoy one hour of fun science experiments followed by an hour of outdoor play in our yard. Ins … [Read more...]

The Top of My Fridge

I have a friend whose friends used to call her Spic & Span. Apparently she loves to clean. When I first entered her home, I understood why. MashaAllah she is one of those sisters who juggles many things and can still keep a clean, organized home. She has several young, happy kids with discipline, character and intelligence. Although I have not seen her in many years, I still think of her fondly and remember her example. It has taken me decades of life lessons to understand her secret. That … [Read more...]

Book Review: Dwell In Tranquility

We are starting off our Grow Mama Book Club with the book,  Dwell In Tranquility An Islamic Road Map to the Vibrant Marriage ( by Kamal Shaarawy.Some of the most special gifts from Allah SWT are the ones He plops right in my lap. Recently, a dear friend sent me the book, Dwell in Tranquility An Islamic Road Map to the Vibrant Marriage. I smiled when I saw the author, Ustadh Kamal Shaarawy. He was well known in the community I had lived in previously for counseling Muslim … [Read more...]