Truly Lifelong Best Friends

She climbs onto the twin sized bed, as difficult as it is for her, and proceeds to slap him on the face.  As she hits him again and again, she grins, sometimes babbling.  This is what her brother wakes up to many mornings.  No wonder he’s not a morning person.  He doesn’t get angry though, after all, he adores her.As the day continues, she is her happiest when he’s around.  When he leaves for school, she half crawls, half scoots her way to the front door as fast as she can so she can wave … [Read more...]

An Imperfect Effort

It’s the middle of the night and I am attempting to complete an advent calendar for my son.  This Ramadan, for the very first time, my son will be fasting a few hours each day inshaAllah.  To encourage him, I decided to create a calendar that would contain treats for him to have with Iftar. I hope you’re not imagining a beautiful, hand crafted work of art.  Our advent calendar is a simple cut out of a crescent moon and star on which 30 plastic baby food containers have been glued and number … [Read more...]

A Father’s Influence

“Whoever you sit with, learn from their good qualities, leave their bad qualities”“Listen to everyone, then do what you want”“Listen to your mother”“Safety first”“Pray as much as you can”My father is full of advice. Experts say that fathers don’t spend enough time truly talking to their children and interacting with them. This is not true of my father.From as far back as I can remember, my father has taught me with more than just his actions. Even when I was very young, he … [Read more...]