Official introduction post

So, this is the post where I say random things about myself that may or may not be relevant, and end with a comment policy. But I’m not starting with the comment policy, because that would be boring.

I’ve been an atheist since I was 16, and started blogging a couple years after that. I remember when Greta Christina and John W. Loftus joined the blogosphere. I’ve been around for that long. But before you start thinking of me as an old hand, let me say that I actually have no idea what I’m doing.

Before I became an atheist, I had been raised as a vague liberal Christian. In  case you were wondering.

I spent three semesters as a graduate student in philosophy at the University of Notre Dame, after which I left with a masters (I was supposed to be studying for a Ph.D.) and a rather dim view of academic philosophy. This means I can field your questions about philosophy in an informed way, but am likely to give somewhat different answers than Dan Fincke. A few questions I may have no idea how to answer–not too long ago I got asked about the “proper relationship between philosophy and science,” to which I inwardly responded “I don’t even know what proper philosophy is.” Except I’m going to take a whack at answering that question soon anyways.

(The above was  a hint to go ahead and use this thread to hit me with questions about philosophy, ethics, William Lane Craig, Alvin Plantinga, etc.)

On OK Cupid’s politics test, I scored 80% socially permissive and 60% economically permissive, just barely on the “Democrat” side of the Democrat/Libertarian line, which fits with how I feel pretty well. In more concrete terms, I generally find myself agreeing with Matt Yglesias and Glenn Greenwald. Ed Brayton’s political blogging is pretty awesome too.

The Selfish Gene is one of my candidates for best non-fiction book ever written, though in my mind it gets some competition from some of Steven Pinker’s stuff, particularly How the Mind Works and The Better Angels of Our Nature.

Anything else anyone wants to know?

COMMENT POLICY: At my old blog, I had a pretty liberal policy, but spam, substance-free insults, and blatantly harassing other commenters will result in deleting, banning, and/or disemvoweling. If people do things to make me feel like I need to institute a tighter policy, I’ll institute a tighter policy. Feel free to go off-topic, as long as it isn’t the kind of off-topic message that looks like you’ve been cutting and pasting it to a bunch of different blogs.

P.S. Gnu Atheism rulez!!!!!11!!1!!

P.P.S. I also can’t proofread to save my life. Bear with me on that one. When/if I finish writing my next book, I will hire a professional proofreader before publication.

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  • nigelTheBold, Abbot of the Hoppist Monks

    P.S. Gun Atheism rulez!!!!!11!!1!!

    There’s a Dirty Harry joke in there, somewhere. It would have something to do with feeling lucky, punk.

    Welcome. I look forward to your philosophy posts. Some days I think philosophy is nothing more than mental masturbation. Other days I think it might, just might, have a purpose, outside the area of self-pleasure. Near as I can tell, there are a few solid practitioners, and a whole bunch of Ken Hams.

    But that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.

  • Chris Hallquist

    Oops, that was supposed to be Gnu Atheism.

  • Mattir

    And what’s so wrong with self-pleasuring, Mr. Nigel? Huh? Bring on the philosophy!

  • nigelTheBold, Abbot of the Hoppist Monks

    Mattir, you know how much I love self-pleasuring. I jump into the middle of philosophical debates all the freakin’ time. Sometimes, I even make a fair showing of myself before getting bruised too badly.

    That’s why I’m definitely looking forward to Chris’s posts on philosophy. Back into the fray!

  • Crommunist

    Welcome to the FTBorg. You have been assimilated. Your philosophical and linguistic distinctiveness will be added to our own.

  • Wowbagger, Madman of Insleyfarne

    Welcome aboard.

  • piero

    Your dim view of academic philosophy and your tastes in non-fiction are spot-on (because they happen to coincide with mine!)

  • Hank Fox

    Welcome to FtB!

    We were going to throw you a party, but Crommunist ate all the cake.

  • Greggorey

    Welcome Chris. Your old blog was one of my favorites.

  • lordshipmayhem

    Pleased to meet you, Chris!

  • BekahDekah

    Glad to see you here! I’ve enjoyed your blog for several years and look forward to your posts on FTB.

  • Sastra

    A (slightly) belated welcome!

  • nobonobo

    I can’t claim to understand philosophy, but is it really advisable to type “ethics” and “William Lane Craig” in the same sentence? You’d better watch your step, mister!