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Curious comment by Plantinga about evolutionary psychology

Alvin Plantinga’s latest book, Where the Conflict Really Lies, contains a brief discussion of evolutionary psychology. Not surprisingly, he’s suspicious of it. But there’s one especially strange comment that I missed when I wrote my review: [Read more…]

Playing gotcha with philosophical jargon

Philosopher Bill Vallicella has a response to what he calls an “outburst” by Jerry Coyne. He focuses on the following “sophomoric blunder”: [Read more…]

Don’t vote for a politician like Obama. Just don’t do it. Ever.

A month ago on Facebook I wrote: [Read more…]

Natalie Reed is on a roll

I hadn’t even been aware of Natalie Reed until we joined Freethought Blogs at the same time, but now I’ve started reading her and seriously, this woman is amazing. Here she is talking about her experiences with 12-step programs: [Read more…]

Van Inwagen on the horrible stuff in the Bible, also the Enlightenment

Most people reading this probably don’t need me to tell them that the Bible is full of horrible stuff. If you’re new to the show and need to be told that, go check out the Skeptic’s Annotated Bible or something similar and then come back here. Because what I want to talk about in this [Read More…]

On not being shocked by shit believers say

I never got into doing the “look at this horrible thing some religious believer said” posts. Mainly, I think, because I have such low expectations for them. The world would be a terrifying place to live in if religious believers were always 100% consistent about their religious beliefs. So instead of being enraged when they [Read More…]

Official introduction post

So, this is the post where I say random things about myself that may or may not be relevant, and end with a comment policy. But I’m not starting with the comment policy, because that would be boring. [Read more…]

From the archives: The Sam Harris-William Lane Craig debate

Hey y’all. Very happy to be now joining Freethought Blogs. I intend to write a full-up introductory post later, but for now, the best introduction I can give is to re-post a piece from my old blog to give people not familiar with that blog a taste of what they can expect here. Two pieces, [Read More…]