A picture’s worth a thousand words

I wasn’t totally happy with my original profile pic for this site. Then I changed it, and I’m still not totally happy. Then I had a brilliant idea (by which I mean “an idea I need feedback on”):

Yes, it’ a picture of the clutter on my bedroom floor. But it’s clutter that I think represents me very well! Alternative photo, same general idea:

In all seriousness now: would either of these photos be better profile photos than my current one? At least, if you crop them a bit? (I’m going to need to crop them square.) I need to ask because I really don’t trust my own judgement on these things–this is either a brilliant idea or a terrible idea, and I don’t know which.

Also, if this is a good idea, which photo do you prefer?

Oh, and there’s a third option:

It may not convey the right impression of me, but on the other hand it could convey the HALLQ SMASH! concept pretty well.

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