Brief blog break and a couple requests

I’m about to run off for one last weekend with friends in another city before flying off to Korea. Therefore I’ll be taking a brief blog break from now until whenever I get sufficiently un-jet lagged/settled enough to actually have spare time. Probably sometime next week. Until then, a couple things.

First, consider this a thread to ask me questions about whatever, especially things you’d like to see covered in future posts. No promises to actually answer them–there are questions from the last thread like this at my old blog that I’ve been meaning to get around to answering but haven’t yet–but it could inspire some interesting posts.

Also, I am very thankful to Zachary Kroger for designing the current blog banner, but now that I’ve got a somewhat larger readership here, I’d like to put out another call for a banner design and see what people come up with. It needs to be 728×120 (just like the current one.) No specific requests, but there are lots of great banners around FTB, and you can look at them for ideas. E-mail submissions to challquist (at) gmail (dot) com.

P.S. does doing what I just did to avoid spam actually work? I’d assume the e-mail collecting bots have gotten wise to it, but I don’t really know. Thank Google for their spam filter.

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