Dirty thoughts involving asprin

So a week ago, Foster Friess, the guy behind Rick Santorum’s Super PAC, claimed that back in his day women would just keep an aspirin between their legs as birth control. This made a lot of people mad, but my favorite comment about this is was the tweet that said, “If you can’t figure out how to get knocked up while still holding an aspirin between your knees, you’re not very creative.”

This makes me wonder: out of the millions of American women who heard Friess’ asprin comment, what are the chances that one of them reacted to it by turning to her boyfriend and saying, “Honey, I want to try something…”? You could even make a game out of it: it’s one thing to have intercourse with the woman’s legs together, it’s another to hold something small like an asprin there for any length of time, so you could say that if it falls out, that restarts the count of spankings (or whatever).

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  • carolw

    I want Foster Friess’ office address so I can send him a bottle of aspirin. And start an “aspirin drive” so that everyone who reads FTB sends him one, too. I want the man to be drowning in aspirin. Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

    • piero

      He would probably keep them all between his knees.

  • edwardkillian

    Rick Rap

    Rick’s faith schtick doesn’t click with chicks

    who chill on chillun.

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