Help me write a better profile for myself

Okay, so I’m not very happy with the current “about” in my sidebar, and would like help writing it. Part of the issue is that I don’t know what info about myself is salient to other people, so something that might seem not worth mentioning to me might turn out to be what everyone thinks of when they think of me. I’ve included a few bits of bio about me, things people sometimes get wrong, below the fold. Includes one update about my life:

  • I have a masters degree in philosophy from the University of Notre-Dame. Not doing that anymore.
  • When I got sick of philosophy, I considered switching to neuroscience, but after taking some classes as a special student to maybe prepare for going to grad school in that, I decided I was sick of school in general and started looking for a job.
  • Now I’m going to go off to teach English in South Korea. Yay! I’ve hesitated about announcing it because it hasn’t happened yet, but now I’m going off to do it in… oh crap a couple of weeks.
  • My book, unfortunately, is out of print. But I’m working on another one.

What else to people want to know/think everyone else should know? Feel free to stroke my ego here.

(For those who are curious: the decision to become an English teacher in Korea came because (A) I’m pessemistic about how things are going in the US, and want to learn my way around a foreign country so I can flee there in case everything goes to hell here (B) A masters in philosophy is the least-useful degree ever for getting a job (C) the Koreans pay native-speaking English teachers really well, at least relative to the qualifications you need.)

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