No really?

I just checked the comments, and saw one that was obviously spam, and marked it as such before even looking at the “author’s” name. Then WordPress gave me this message:

Comment by long porn videos marked as spam.

Really? You think?

  • ‘Tis Himself, OM

    I’m sure you don’t let long porn’s brother, cheap auto insurance, post here either.

    • Ryan

      Also, beware of their cousin “Extend Your Penis Size Now!”

  • michaeld

    Hmm now I’m just wondering about this long porn videos thing…. Presumably it just means the videos them selves are long but what if thats not the case? Long fingers, long legs, long noses, long faces???? A woman walk into a bar and the a bartender asks why the long face? Queue up awful 80s mood music and the removal of clothes. The possibilities seem almost endless!

    And err yes >.> maybe I’ll just leave it there

    • piero

      Perhaps they suggest the right way to get a-long.

      *OK, I’ll crawl back under my stone. I can take a hint*

  • piero

    And its cousin, “get a 17-inch mega-dong with our exclusive cantilevered dick-x-tractor”.

    Although I must say that allowing comments by “long porn videos” is quite a good marketing strategy. You want more visitors? Give them what they want! Look at how well Apple has done.

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