One more round on Catholics and contraception

Matt Yglesias finds a way to make, more eloquently, one of the points I made in my own post on the subject:

Start with the assumption that ObamaCare is repealed, in its entirety, tomorrow. The day after tomorrow Abdul Hussain, owner and CEO of a large private firm with 5,000 employees, announces that his firm will no longer offer employees health insurance that permits women to visit male doctors or male employees to be treated by female doctors. This is a newsworthy event, and the day after the day after tomorrow Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and Attorney General Eric Holder both offer the opinion that this is a form of illegal discrimination and that if it’s not already illegal it should be made illegal. Will Mitch McConnell and other congressional Republicans stand up for Hussain’s “freedom of conscience” in this case? Will my conservative Twitter followers?

I’m going to guess no.

Conservatives don’t like the Affordable Care Act and are sympathetic on the merits to the claims of those who think contraceptives or morally wrong, so in this particular case the principle of “freedom of conscience” seems appealing to them. But there’s actually nobody who endorses the general principle being invoked here.

  • Gwynnyd

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    • Chris Hallquist

      Thanks. Fixed, I think. This happens way too often, that what’s supposed to be an external link gets interpreted as a link within the blog. Anyone know why that happens, or how to fix it? (Aside from checking links individually before posting?)

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  • Pierce R. Butler

    Jewish employers should be allowed to ban coverage from any facility doing non-emergency work on Friday nights or Saturdays during daylight; Muslim employers should have the same rights regarding Friday work.

    Christian Science employers should have control over whether any of their money is spent at institutions which use pharmaceuticals. Hindus need the power to stop their employees from receiving service anywhere beef is served.

    Mormon employers must be able to keep their workforce away from anywhere in which coffee, tea, or cola drinks are prepared or consumed.

    It’s all for true freedom of conscience, you know!