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Did William Lane Craig plagiarize part of his master’s thesis? (probably)

I had been vaguely aware of this issue before, but after a reader contacted me about it, I did some searching and I have to say the accusations look credible. Here is the best summary I’ve found. Here is a quotation supposedly from Craig’s thesis: [Read more…]

A picture’s worth a thousand words

I wasn’t totally happy with my original profile pic for this site. Then I changed it, and I’m still not totally happy. Then I had a brilliant idea (by which I mean “an idea I need feedback on”): [Read more…]

Generation Kill on words vs. actions

I’ve lately been watching the excellent HBO miniseries Generation Kill, and this quote from the end credits of part 6 struck me as worth passing along (cut and pasted from this transcript): [Read more…]

One more round on Catholics and contraception

Matt Yglesias finds a way to make, more eloquently, one of the points I made in my own post on the subject: [Read more…]

Why must government policy be justified by market failure?

Robin Hanson writes: [Read more…]

No really?

I just checked the comments, and saw one that was obviously spam, and marked it as such before even looking at the “author’s” name. Then WordPress gave me this message: Comment by long porn videos marked as spam. Really? You think? [Read more…]

RSS feed fixed (hopefully)

Just got an e-mail from the webmaster saying that the Freethought Blogs RSS feed is fixed, so if you subscribe to the general FTB feed it should include all of everyone’s posts. If this continues to not happen, please drop a comment/e-mail letting me know. And heck, why don’t you subscribe to this blog’s feed [Read More…]

Randal Rauser on hating God

Randal Rauser calls antitheism “just, well, a bit ridiculous”: [Read more…]

Bayesian arguments: Swinburne, Collins, and the McGrews

In a previous thread, Caleb O wrote: [Read more…]