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On bizarre misinterpretations (also accomodationism)

One of the persistent frustrations of engaging in any kind of debate anywhere is when one person misinterprets what another has said, and then attacks it on that basis. Sometimes it’s understandable, if what was originally said was vague. Sometimes it’s done maliciously, just to make the targeted view easier to attack (with perhaps a [Read More…]

Religion deserves no special treatment under US law

So a bunch of Catholic leaders are complaining about how allegedly unjust it is to require insurance plans provided by large employers to include contraception. They think Catholic organizations should get an exemption based on their religious convictions, you see. Dan Fincke currently has parts one and two up of a debate with a friend [Read More…]

Comments closed on old blog

Because I don’t want to have to bother checking for comments on my old blog, I’ve decided to close comments on it. If I link to something there and you want to discuss it, feel free to use the FTB thread where the link appeared. [Read more…]

Say to hell with campaign finance laws, publicly fund campaigns?

This is very much going to be a thinking-out-loud post, one where if you tell me it’s an idiotic post there’s a very good chance I’ll end up agreeing with you. A couple days ago, Ed wrote: [Read more…]

How philosophy might make you smarter (even if it’s total nonsense)

We’ve known for a while now that college graduates with degrees in philosophy are some of the smartest college graduates out there. The average verbal GRE score for philosophy majors is higher than the average for any other major, and while they don’t do as well at math as the math-heavy majors, their average math [Read More…]

Posting at LessWrong

I’ve started doing some bloggy-style posts at LessWrong, a site that’s somewhere between a discussion forum and a blog, and which you should be reading in any case. I just put up a post titled “Two kinds of irrationality and how to avoid one of them,” and previously did a post titled “Tell LessWrong about [Read More…]

The creepy delusions of William Lane Craig

When I first read William Lane Craig’s Reasonable Faith (back when it was in the second edition), my gut reaction to reading the first chapter was, “this guy is a total lunatic, I didn’t know he was so crazy.” I basically said so in my first post reviewing the book, and then when I turned [Read More…]

Say something, anything

Test 1, 2, 3 [Read more…]

The RSS feed

See that little orange symbol at the top of the page? If you use Google Reader or any other feed reader (and why wouldn’t you be?), go click it now. Even if you’re subscribed to the general Freethought Blogs feed. [Read more…]