The RSS feed

See that little orange symbol at the top of the page? If you use Google Reader or any other feed reader (and why wouldn’t you be?), go click it now. Even if you’re subscribed to the general Freethought Blogs feed.

I say this because the general Freethought Blogs feed seems a bit buggy. Sometimes there’s a significant lag between when a post is posted and when it goes up in the feed, and sometimes it doesn’t seem to end up in the feed at all. This appears to be true of a number of blogs, not just my own. Ed told me he sent an e-mail to the tech support guy to fix this, but I don’t know when it will actually happen. The individual feeds, though, for my and other blogs, seem to be working fine.

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  • Keith

    Thanks for the note on the RSS feed. I was getting a bit frustrated because I seemed to be missing posts from freethoughblogs on my reader.

    So now I have a 15 or so RSS subscriptions rather than one in the hopes that I get everything.

  • Derek Czajka

    As far as I can tell, what’s happening with the FTB RSS feed is that it’s sorting by time, without first correcting for time zone. Thus, for example, any post on Token Skeptic, which is written in Australia, almost always appears at the top, because Australia is several hours ahead of anywhere else that bloggers are writing from.