Writing a book chapter on William Lane Craig: what to say, what not to say?

In my currently-in-progress book, I’m planning on having a chapter on William Lane Craig. And I want people’s input on what exactly to include in it. I know I’ll be covering the various arguments for the existence of God he presents in the third edition of his book Reasonable Faith. But what else?

I’ll definitely include the main point I made in my post “Arguments for the existence of God are dead,” namely that very few academics these days are enthusiastic about arguments for the existence of God, so I really had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find one who was. Otherwise, I wouldn’t waste my time on a hack like Craig.

Similarly, I’ll be stressing to my readers that they can’t trust Craig: he’s normally extremely selective in reporting facts, habitually misrepresents his opponents’ views, sometimes makes stuff up, sometimes just plain lies, and generally is willing to say whatever he thinks will sound good. Along with that, I’ll need a response to the “but Craig wins all his debates!” line along the lines of my last post on Craig.

One thing I’m leaning against including is a discussion of Craig’s delisions about non-believers. It was a popular post here (judging by page views), but I think it’s a relatively peripheral issue in the grand scheme of things. I also wonder about overwhelming Craig fans with too many unpleasant truths about their hero.

But what do people want me to include? Anyone who’s been around awhile have things they’d wish they’d known about Craig when they first encountered him?

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