1.5 million children stolen–guess who’s responsible?

I wouldn’t normally link to PZ because I assume you all read him anyway, but I just had an uncanny experience at his blog. I read the headline 1.5 million children stolen, and felt like I was suddenly Batman (as played by Adam West): “There’s only one organization that could have pulled off a plot so nefarious. It’s…” (dum dum DUM!, answer below the fold).

“…the Catholic Church!” And I was right. Of course I was right, Bat-deductions are always right!

But seriously, what does it say that when you hear about something horrible involving 1,000,000+ children, it’s a safe bet that the Catholic Church was responsible?

Okay, so part of the issue is that few organizations have the resources to pull off something that awful. Still, these stories leave me at a loss to understand why anyone who gives a damn about moral consistency is still Catholic (cf. Greta). Bracket the philosophical questions. Assume, for the sake of argument, that most of Aquinas’ metaphysics was actually correct. That doesn’t entail that the Catholic priesthood are God’s true representatives on Earth.

The Catholic Church’s justification for its existence is that there’s an unbroken line of authority-passing-on from Saint Peter to Benedict the XVI. And there’s scant evidence for that claim. Given all the forgeries and obvious legends in the history of Christianity, how confident can anyone be that the passing on of authority really happened as the Church claims?

Also, I understand that no one’s perfect, but don’t you think that if God really existed and He really had a Vicar of Christ, then He would take some minimal steps to make sure the organization run by His Vicar would not fall into “cartoonish, mustache-twirling evil” territory?

Oh, wait, I know this one. God works in mysterious ways. That’s it.

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