Ed Feser on the Reason Rally

Ed Feser has a post up denouncing the Reason Rally on the grounds that it is a mass gathering and all mass gatherings are bad. Among other things, Feser wonders if there will be a “Two Minutes Hate” at the rally. I am suddenly eagerly looking forward to his denunciation of the next Catholic World Youth Day.

To get a sense of the scale of the hypocrisy, consider that the last World Youth Day was attended by an estimated one to two million people, while according to Jen Reason Rally is expected to get 50,000 tops. Also, the Catholic Church is well-known for holding regular large gatherings called “mass.” From this, it should be obvious that Feser started with his conclusion (atheists are evil) and then set out in search of a way–no matter how lame–to justify it.

Feser also repeats his tired shtick of complaining that atheists don’t pay enough attention to the philosophers he thinks they should be paying attention to (mainly Thomas Aquinas as interpreted by Edward Feser). Ed boy, you know why atheists don’t pay more attention to you? Because most of what you write is a transparent post-hoc rationalization for bigotry.

And now, some pictures of the Catholic Church’s World Youth Day:

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