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More HPMOR predictions!

Since my first Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality thread, two more chapters have been posted. For reasons I explain in the comments of the first thread, my original predictions look completely wrong, but there’s another update coming tomorrow, so let’s make more anyways! [Read more…]

The ultimate Reason Rally roundup

I missed the Reason Rally, but I’m living it vicariously through the postings of my fellow Freethought Bloggers. Totally ridiculous number of links below the fold. Please add comments to tell me if I’ve missed anything. [Read more…]

Canadians: support Bill C-279 (equal rights for transgender Canadians)

I don’t know how many Canadian readers I have here, but if you’re Canadian, please support Bill C-279. Call your MP (or whatever they’re called in Canada), tell your friends on Facebook, etc. Natalie has a post on this, but I also think she did a really good job of explaining it in an e-mail [Read More…]

Great quote on “militant” atheism

Nick Cohen, via Ophelia: If you turn on the news tonight and hear of a bomber slaughtering civilians anywhere from  Nigeria to the London Underground, I can reassure you of one point: the bombers will not be readers of Richard Dawkins. [Read more…]

It’s hard to plan 75 years into the future

Here’s another thing thing to fuels my LessWrong-inspired “trying to think about the future” kick: [Read more…]

Naivete about politicians

So: a Yemini journalist reports on a U.S. airstrike in Yemen, revealing that it killed 14 women and 21 children. He’s then imprisoned by the Yemini government. The Yemini government faces pressure to release him, and is all set to do so, when Obama calls the Yemini president to “express concern” about the journalist. As [Read More…]

What are the Republicans thinking on contraception?

So first, the religious right rallies to support Catholic employers who think their religious beliefs should exempt them from following the law. Then Rush Limbaugh called a woman a “slut” for thinking contraception should be covered by health insurance. Oh, and one of the current leading Republican Presidential candidates right now is Rick Santorum, one [Read More…]

On Augustine

Ed Feser sent me an e-mail asking if I had written this review. I began typing a response, then realized I should really make it into a blog post. So: [Read more…]

What should a book be these days? (Review of Why Are You Atheists So Angry?)

As with my review of Hank’s book, in this post I’m going to be using Greta Christina’s new book (Why Are You Atheists So Angry?: 99 Things That Piss Off the Godless) as a jumping-off point to talk about writing. But first, lest there be any confusion about this, this is a really awesome book [Read More…]