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From the archives: Biblical scholars are not a bunch of baffled skeptics (also: Craig lies about Ehrman)

Tired of me reposting all these posts on Craig from my old blog? Tough–other readers like them a lot. So without further ado: William Lane Craig would like you to believe that Biblical scholarship is made up of people who accept that all the major details of the Biblical story of Jesus’ resurrection are facts, [Read More…]

The more you know about science, the more likely you are to have accurate scientific views

Duh. But unfortunately, sometimes people deny the obvious. Russell Blackford links to this piece adapted from Chris Mooney’s new book, saying, “this article is rather interesting. I wonder whether it signals a return to form.” Mmm… interesting, yes, but the piece still includes the kind of bad arguments Mooney has become infamous for. The core [Read More…]

Best sources for getting informed about global warming?

I’m thinking of doing a series of blog posts on global warming. Part of the reason is this: If someone tells me they don’t believe in evolution, it’s easy for me to tell them where to start their reading. I tell them to read Richard Dawkins’ The Greatest Show on Earth, Jerry Coyne’s Why Evolution [Read More…]

Ayn Rand = 99%er?

I tried reading Atlas Shrugged once upon a time. I couldn’t finish it. Not because I hated the message, but because I got bored before I figured out what the hell the message was. I can breeze through a book arguing for a view I hate as long as it’s entertainingly written, but this Atlas [Read More…]

Arguments we shouldn’t be having

So a few days ago Natalie Reed wrote this great post titled “God Does Not Love Trans People.” Then our friend Be Scofield posted a totally missing the point response. I’m going to start by quoting the paragraph from Natalie that Scofield quoted from, only quoting the entire thing rather than just part of it. [Read More…]

Not So Different, part 3

Part 1, Part 2 Now I want to deal with a handful of loose ends and questions that have been raised by what I’ve said so far. First of all, in case you’re wondering, I don’t give a damn about Mitt Romney’s religious beliefs. As I said in chapter 2, most religious believers compartmentalize a [Read More…]

The Mormon baptism thing

So Mormons have this thing where they get baptized on behalf of a dead non-Mormon, and that’s supposed to give that person a chance to enter heaven. A lot of people are saying this is offensive, especially Jews, but I’ve been mostly ignoring the issue because I’m inclined to think it’s just terribly silly, and [Read More…]

Click the link to this post, then post a comment saying where you saw it

Post a comment saying where you saw this post and I’ll be grateful. You don’t even have to read the entire post! But briefly, for those who are curious: I’m trying to figure out what is the best time of day to post posts. Theory 1: schedule everything to post in the morning, maybe 9-ish, [Read More…]

Seriously, what is the point of Twitter?

Here’s a claim from Matt Yglesias that I’m totally unable to make sense of: Western alphabets were ideally suited to the age of traditional industrial age printing—they make it easier to learn literacy skills and they’re great for typesetting. But in the coming era where everything is a Tweet or a Facebook status update, our [Read More…]