The difference between page views and comments

My post on “Kony 1012″ is now my most-viewed post of all time. And it’s only gotten one comment from someone who isn’t me. Just noting this. Possibly due to the large number of search engine hits I got for that post, maybe people who come to blogs that way tend not to leave comments?

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  • Ace of Sevens

    That’s my experience. At my old blog, my most popular post by several orders of magnitude was the one about my brother’s high school graduation, probably because it had a picture of him with his girlfriend that contained the phrase “Asian jailbait” in the caption. People who came to my blog based on the “Asian jailbait” search term never commented on my story about how my family can be really obnoxious when they get together for graduations and other such events and how most high school graduation ceremonies are dull.

  • andyman409

    you may have also got no comments since everyone agreed with you :)