The ultimate Reason Rally roundup

I missed the Reason Rally, but I’m living it vicariously through the postings of my fellow Freethought Bloggers. Totally ridiculous number of links below the fold. Please add comments to tell me if I’ve missed anything.

First, Jen makes me jealous by posing with Tim Minchin and showing off the photo of her that appeared in USA Today.

Kylie has videos of Richard Dawkins, Greta Christina and Taslima Nasrin, Penn Jillette and Tim Minchin, and Tim Minchin again. Cuttlefish also has links to Adam Savage’s speech and Nate Phelps’ speech. Damn, when will I find time to watch all of them?

Greta has an interesting post on post-Reason Rally feelings, and thoughts on what would happen if everyone who went did one thing. Dan looks like he’s going to be doing a very detailed series of reports, and currently has installments on Richard Wade and Nate Phelps. We also have general reports from Ed, Hank, Christina, and Mano.

PZ has a post on some of the news coverage. Hank has more on the news coverage or lack of it.

Finally, PZ and Dan have general discussion threads, for those who were there and want to share your experiences.

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