Chris Rodda leaving Freethought Blogs

Okay. Wow. I’m really not sure what to make of Chis Rodda’s announcement that she’s leaving Freethought Blogs. I guess these things can happen very suddenly, but in this case I got no hints at all that this was going to happen.

Chris has announced that her views on the intent of the First Amendment have changed, and after talking to Ed they both agree it would make more sense for her to continue her blogging in another venue. In fact, she says the title of her blog (“This Week in Christian Nationalism,” also intended to be the name of the podcast she’s been planning to start this spring) also won’t fit anymore.

Her change of views came about after attending a screening of a new documentary on Tuesday. The documentary was titled “Monumental,” and directed by Kirk Cameron:

People are always accusing me of going after David Barton just because I don’t like him, and after seeing Monumental I realized they were right. This was never about some concern over history being lied about and distorted. It was just about my anger towards Barton for being a more successful historian than I was. But when I saw Kirk Cameron saying the same things that Barton says, I was finally willing to listen to the truth, simply because it was coming from Kirk Cameron, someone who I really liked in “Growing Pains,” which was one of my favorite TV shows.

That’s worrisome, but even more worrisome are her comments on evolution:

Once my mind was opened by Kirk Cameron regarding American history, I began to wonder what else I’ve been brainwashed into thinking from years of listening to all those secularists, especially the so-called scientists. I used to laugh at Cameron’s banana video, but when I watched it again with an open mind, it really started to make sense. The banana really is the atheist’s worst nightmare. I mean, it had to be God who placed that tab on the top of the banana so people could peel it. There really is no other explanation for something so perfectly designed.

Chris is now in discussions with religious blogs about finding a home for new blog and podcast, both of which will be titled “This Week in Debunking Godless Secularist Historical Revisionism.”

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  • burpy

    I can´t believe it, all these bloggers turning wacko all on the same day. There has to be some explanation ;)

  • mnb0

    Sure. And both Romney and Santorum have come out of the closet, telling us that they secretly have been atheists for decennia.

    • otrame

      And they’ve been lovers almost as long.

      • Brianne Bilyeu

        Okay, that’s not going to get out of my head without some hard liquor. *shudder*

  • kevinalexander

    Santorum squared?

  • Zachary Kroger

    Sure this isn’t just an April Fool’s joke?

    • piero

      It must be. There’s no other explanation. Surely Chris knows that bananas are the product of human selection over thousands of years. She cannot be that stupid, ergo this an April fool’s joke.

      Now, should this turn out not to be the case, I can unashamedly call Chris stupid.

  • Ryan

    I think you’ve been gotten by a rather clever April Fool’s joke!

    • Chris Hallquist

      Not exactly. Follow the links. :)

  • Norman Lycan

    It is my opinion that no real freethinker ever returns to the sesspool. I tend to believe it’s more like the traitor in “Matrix”, that the change of heart has a behind the scene motive that she is not sharing, perhaps even to herself. You do not buy someone’s brainwash because you admired them as a childhood actor. You do not buy into someones interpretation of the Constitution. It doesn’t even claim to be a holy scripture, and has been ammended so many times, it’s like comparing a jalopy to a Lambourghini. It failed to end slavery, which cost 200,000 American lives. It was just a step in the right direction by freethinkers of their time.

    She has either encountered a personal tragedy that involves herself or a loved one, and is in a denial that sparked irrational response, or, you also have to consider, that someone offered her enough money to make the public conversion. I think the new job offers might be a clue.

    Silly humans.


  • Will Smith

    Wish you all woukd drop dead and burn a ick of you dumb shits butting in our lives mind your own stay out of ours

  • Will Smith

    All you dumb shits need a stick to your heads dont like our pledges leave, or die we dont care we are proud to honor god jesus, you devil worshippers stay out our lives