Dale Allison quote on the apocalyptic Jesus

I managed to dig up a quote from biblical scholar Dale Allison’s book Resurrecting Jesus that strikes me as highly relevant to last week’s discussion of Bart Ehrman’s book:

Speaking for myself, although I have written a book with the title Jesus of Nazareth: Millenarian Prophet, I am no millenarian prophet; and a Jesus without eschatological error would certainly make my life easier. I might, for instance, be able to tell some of my relatives, without them shuddering aghast, what I really do for a living. (p. 133)

It’s important to note that Allison calls himself a Christian. So yes, there are Biblical scholars who agree with the main claims Ehrman makes about the historical Jesus, and find it compatible with their version of Christianity. But they make up a tiny minority of Christians. The overwhelming majority of Christians finds the idea that Jesus wrongly prophecized an immanent Kingdom of Heaven totally unacceptable.

This includes other Biblical scholars. In fact, Allison also quotes John Dominic Crossan, a liberal Christian scholar, as saying, “Having said that Jesus and all other millenarian prophets were wrong (so far), you could hardly claim that God raised Jesus from the dead to prove he alone was transcendentally wrong” (p. 126, quoting p. 55 of the book Allison did with Crossan and some other scholars).

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