Kuwait is considering instituting the death penalty for blasphemy


Kuwaiti lawmakers voted in favour of a legal amendment on Thursday which could make insulting God and the Prophet Mohammad punishable by death, after a case of suspected blasphemy on Twitter caused an uproar in the Gulf Arab state.

Members of Parliament must vote on the proposal again in a second session and it would need the approval of the country’s ruler before becoming law.

The amendment was backed by 46 votes, while four opposed it and others abstained. Those in favour included all 15 members of the cabinet.

Blasphemy is already illegal in Kuwait. The suspect in the “case of suspected blasphemy” is claiming his Twitter account was hacked (which strikes me as about as likely as Anthony Weiner’s similar claim, but here’s hoping that defense is successful anyways). It’s really unfortunate that the article doesn’t quote the blasphemous tweets. I think any time religious nuts try to use violence to suppress “blasphemy,” the blasphemy should be repeated as widely as possible. If anyone can manage to dig up the tweets and post a link in the comments, that would be awesome.

Hat tip to Radley Balko, who comments: “Thank goodness we liberated Kuwaitis from tyranny.”

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