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I called my lawmakers to oppose CISPA, and you should too (updated and redated)

I haven’t done it, but only because I’d be paying for international long-distance. I did, however, send them an e-mail. UPDATE 2: I remembered that I have Skype, which is cheap even for long distance, so I went ahead and called all three. Calling will have a bigger impact than e-mailing, because so few people [Read More…]

On Carrier on Ehrman’s HuffPo piece

I’m not sure what to make of Richard Carrier’s rebuttals to Bart Ehrman on the existence of Jesus (both the reply to Ehrman’s HuffPo article last month, and the review of Ehrman’s book itself). If you cut out about half of what Carrier has written, the remaining half would look like a pretty damning critique [Read More…]

The right to say vile things

Since Taner Edis asked, I want to say that yes, I’m appalled by the Tarek Mehanna case, where a man is facing 17 years in prison for expressing sympathy with Al Qaeda and translating some Al Qaeda documents into English. Andrew Sullivan has linked to the following defense of the prosecution, which relies on citing [Read More…]

“Would you want your daughter to be a prostitute?”

Corry Doctorow links to a defense of legalizing prostitution that, among other things, addresses the “Would you want your daughter to be a prostitute?” question: [Read more…]

Bart Ehrman’s “blog for charity” concept

I was very happy to learn that Bart Ehrman has just recently started blogging. However, it’s a very unusual blog in that most of it will be behind a paywall, and proceeds will go to charity. It’s great that Ehrman is trying to raise more money for charity (he says he already donates a fair [Read More…]

The Big Thread of Happy Things!

As promised yesterday, here is my Big Thread of Happy Things! I’ll start with a post from Greta Christina on a study reporting that atheists have better sex (than anyone except Jews and Unitarians): [Read more…]

Your daily dose of cynicism

I promised a positive post today, and it’s coming, but today I had another “Glenn Greenwald actually managed to shock me today” moment (previous example here). Here is the lead sentence of a Washington Post article: [Read more…]

Ask an atheist!

Facebook and the blogosphere are telling me today is Ask an Atheist day. If you’re already reading this blog, you’ve probably had plenty of questions to ask atheists questions in the past. Nevertheless, I’m going to follow suit with JT and announce that I will respond to all comments in this thread asking a question. [Read More…]

PZ Myers gives exactly the right response to “presuppositionalist” Sye

A number of years ago, back when I was still in college, I got invited on to a Christian podcast IIRC called “The Narrow Mind” (way to play to stereotypes there!). It ended up being one of my first encounters with a branch of Christian apologetics called “presuppositionalism.” Basically, presuppositionalism involves declaring that all reasoning [Read More…]