Should I try to post on weekends?

I tend not to post on weekends because (1) I’m often traveling to Seoul on weekends, which makes blogging hard and (2) I feel like I need time to build up post ideas so I have something to do during the week. But recently, I’ve been wondering if posting on the weekend would increase the retention rate of new readers, so they won’t finding themselves reading for a few days and then wondering where I went come Saturday.

I really have no idea. I’m unusual in that I do almost all my blog reading with the help of Google Reader, so I’d never do that with a blog, but other people might. Comments on this post will almost certainly be unrepresentative of my readership as a whole, but give me your input anyways.

  • ‘Tis Himself

    If you have something interesting to post, why wait until the weekend is over. I can see not posting if you’re on a train without wifi or driving somewhere, but if you’re in a place where posting is convenient, then why not post?

    • Chris Hallquist

      Feel like it’s better to save the idea in order to help myself keep a consistent schedule, than find myself with nothing to write about on a Monday or Tuesday.

  • JeffT

    We expect you to crank out these posts like sausages! Seriously, if skipping the weekends works best for you, post Mon – Fri.

  • SelfAwarePatterns

    I just recently found your blog and read it because of the quality of the content. That said, I use Google Reader too and so whenever you post is fine by me. Personally, I much prefer quality over frequency or timeliness, but that may just be me.

  • Zugswang

    You post as you feel the compulsion to do so. I don’t expect regular updates from blogs, as the vast majority of them are not compensated enough to do so, if indeed at all.

    Much as I enjoy many of the FtB blogs, it’s nice to have a little break every now and again, too. In my case, I have to catch up on Monday, anyway, as I don’t tend to look at my RSS feed on weekends.

  • mnb0

    As far as I am concerned, post whenever you feel like. I read you (like 5 or 6 others on Ftb) because your posts interest me. The days of the week have no influence.

  • Disagreeable Me

    I don’t use Google Reader, though for no good reason particularly. I probably should.

    I was going to say the more posts the better, but I suppose quality should trump quality.

    Personally, I tend to open the main freethoughtblogs page and skim down through all the blogs to see if anyone has posted an article I might be interested in.

    If you didn’t post for a few days I’d be disappointed but I wouldn’t stop checking, as there’s plenty of other great stuff happening on this website.

  • Karl

    Personally I’d rather read one decent thought-provoking article a month than a hundred pot-boilers. If someone loses interest because you don’t post for a few days, are they really worth caring about? If you force yourself to output more for the benefit of your fans, your articles will suffer. Conversely, whenever you write something of quality, word will spread and people will regularly check in on you even if you’ve hardly written anything since.

  • Tony

    I’m a bartender, so I work evenings, late nights, and weekends. When I come home and unwind, I typically log onto FtB and browse the various blogs. While I haven’t been a regular reader of your blog, I do read your posts from time to time and I personally like having updates on the weekends. That said, it’s hardly essential. I don’t blog, but I get the feeling that the people who do, blog when they choose to. Some do so with great frequency. Others are somewhat more sporadic.
    I guess that’s my way of saying, blog on weekends if the mood strikes your fancy.

  • Tony

    Oh yeah, as I’m not the savviest when it comes to these things, what is Google Reader and what are the benefits of reading blogs using it?

    • Chris Hallquist

      You make a list of blogs you like, and then it checks all of them automatically for updates. So you only have one site to check to see if your favorite blogs have been updated.

  • Bison Grass

    You may have talked about it before, by why do you have to post as frequently as you do in the first place? It would often pass days or weeks between posts on your pre-FtB blog, but now it seems like you somehow have to post 5+ times a week. In my humble opinion, it seems to sacrifice quality for quantity. I, for one, enjoyed your old blog more than this one. Especially because you didn’t cover as much atheist blogosphere soap opera then as now. (Slightly off-topic I know…) That said, I still read your blog every day and like it a lot!

    • Chris Hallquist

      Well actually, I’ve been blogging for 6 1/2 years and my posting rate has varied a lot. My current posting frequency is about what I was doing through much of the early years. Grad school took away a lot of my blogging time, and leaving grad school and getting disillusioned with philosophy *really* killed my enthusiasm for awhile. I view this as a return to my old habits, which I guess in large part happened because getting picked to join FTB was a big confidence boost.

      On the “soap opera,” I’m pretty sure there have been no shocking revelations involving illegitimate children. For me, it’s more about arguing with people whose work I respect overall. Some of my posts about William Lane Craig have been very popular, but dealing with someone so dishonest gets OLD after awhile. I’d rather argue with people who are honest and rational enough to be correctable.

  • Stevarious

    I’d never notice, as I spend my weekends as far away from the internet as possible.

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