Taslima Nasreen on the 72 virgins thing

Okay this is old news, but I just discovered, and retweeted, a tweet by Taslima on the “Muslim men get 72 virgins in heaven” thing: “Muslim women deserve to have sex with 72 virgin men on the earth as they won’t get these things in heaven. #compensation” That is awesome. Makes me feel so much more forgiving about her posts on prostitution.

  • Blattafrax

    “Muslim women deserve to have sex with 72 virgin men on the earth…”

    To be deserving of 72 lots of first-time-sex, muslim women must be doing some pretty terrible things.

    • DaveL

      Or maybe they could get oral from 72 experienced men to make up for it?

      • noastronomer

        That’s more like it.

  • I’m_not

    If my first experience is anywhere near typical the woman could put a kettle on, do all 72 and still have to wait before she could have a cup of tea.

    • I’m_not


      • http://cheapsignals.blogspot.com/ Gretchen

        Nope. More of light but accurate and funny description of a typical male virgin’s first sexual encounter.

  • http://www.taslimanasrin.com taslima nasrin

    Thank you so much, Chris. I hope other pro-prostitution free thinkers would also be ‘forgiving about my posts on prostitution’. I wish they knew about my struggle for women’s sexual freedom for more than 2 decades. Someone wrote here about me, “A true believer in sexual freedom has become the most recent `infidel’ on the fundamentalist international hit list.”

    Thousands of fanatics started street protests in 80′s because I said, ‘keep your patriarchy, religion, culture out of women’s uterus. My body my decision.’

    Seriously, I am very much for sexual freedom, freedom to say yes to sex, as well as no to sex. The reason I can’t accept prostitution.

    • Andrew G.

      “pro-prostitution” is a smear term used by the anti-prostitution camp to discredit (and block funding to) organizations with which they disagree.

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