The Big Thread of Happy Things!

As promised yesterday, here is my Big Thread of Happy Things! I’ll start with a post from Greta Christina on a study reporting that atheists have better sex (than anyone except Jews and Unitarians):

The report — “Sex and Secularism: What Happens When You Leave Religion?” — is on the Internet, and if you want all 46 pages of the naughty details, including the charts and graphs and personal stories, you can download it free (you just need to register on the site).

But if you just want to know the gist?

Leaving religion improves people’s sex lives.

A lot.

Atheists and other non-believers, as a whole, experience a lot more satisfaction in their sex lives than they did when they were believers. They feel much less guilt about their sex lives and their sexuality. The sexual guilt instilled by so many religions tends to fade, and indeed disappear, when people leave religion — much more thoroughly than you might expect. And according to the respondents of this study, non-believers give significantly better sex education to their kids than believers do.

Now, when it comes to people’s actual sexual behavior, religion doesn’t have nearly as much impact as you might think. Religious and non-religious people have pretty much the same kinds of sex, at pretty much the same age of onset, and at pretty much the same rate. Believers are just as likely to masturbate, watch porn, have oral sex, have sex outside marriage, and so on, as non-believers are, and they start at about the same ages. So it’s not like religious sexual guilt is actually making people abstain from forbidden sexual activity. All it’s doing is making people feel crummy about it. And when people leave religion, this crumminess decreases — at a dramatic rate. Believers and atheists are having pretty much the same kinds of sex… but when it comes to the pleasure and satisfaction experienced during this sex, it’s like night and day.

Next, a quote from one of my favorite posts from Luke Muehlhauser’s old blog, Common Sense Atheism:

The loss of faith was terrifying for me and many others because my religion had trained me to be terrified of losing faith in an effort to ensure that I never would. I was told that non-believers would be tortured forever after death, that they could have no objective moral code, that they had no meaning or purpose, that they were angry and sad and rarely found happiness…

As someone who has been through a scary crisis of faith and came out the other side happy, fulfilled, and passionate, here is my advice to those facing a crisis of faith: Don’t panic. My own loss of faith was a nightmare. I thought the whole universe had shattered, and all meaning and purpose had been swept away. But it wasn’t true. Millions of non-believers know it’s not true.

For something more recent, I want to bring your attention to this post on the value of attention (ha!) for altering behavior. I recommend reading the whole thing, but the basic idea is that to change a behavior, focus your attention on the new behavior whenever you do it. I only discovered this post a few days ago, but so far I seem to be having great success applying it to the challenge of avoiding distractions while I work.

Finally, a lolcat:

These are just a few things off the top of my head. Feel free to share your own in the comments! You know, I could make this a regular feature, weekly or biweekly or monthly. If I did that, it would be help to have people e-mail or tweet links at me to use. What do people think?

That’s all for this week. See you Monday!

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