Beta testing a book: Chapter 1: Don’t Panic!: On Finding Atheism Unfamiliar and Scary

In continuation of the plan I posted about last week, here’s  a draft of the first chapter of the book I’m working on. It’s called Don’t Panic!: On Finding Atheism Unfamiliar and Scary. Summary and a few other bits of info below the fold:

In this chapter:

  • Atheists exist! How offensive!
  • What is atheism?
  • New atheists! Militant atheists! Angry atheists!
  • Pascal’s Wager
  • Finding happiness without God

As with last week’s entry, before commenting you might want to look at my ignorable advice for people who want to comment on drafts. I’ve also made some edits to the Introduction, including to attempt to clarify the purpose of the book.

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