Don’t make excuses for homophobia that you wouldn’t make for racism

A couple weeks ago, I came across this quote from National Organization for Marriage Against Certain People Getting Married head Maggie Gallagher:

The wall of hatred now directed at anyone who opposes gay marriage or traditional understandings of sex and gender is worth mentioning. Because it tells us what gay marriage is about. Not pluralism, not live-and-let-live, but establishing a new public morality which will not be optional. And because real people are being affected by this wall of hatred. And because hatred of one another is wrong, coming from any part of the political spectrum.

LOL. Replace “gay marriage” with “interracial marriage” and “sex and gender” and the stupidity becomes obvious. Yeah, there will be a new public morality according to which homophobia will not be acceptable, just as current public morality says racism is not acceptable. Deal with it.

In the US, thanks to the First Amendment, that public morality will be optional in the sense that no one will go to jail for rejecting it. The only sense that it won’t be option is that decent people will voluntarily choose not to associate with homophobes, just as decent people nowadays choose not to associate with racists. Boo hoo.

Similarly, there’s this from Bob Hyatt talking about his Bible-based opposition to gay marriage (HT: Unreasonable Faith):

Please stop labeling the other side of the argument as “hate speech” and bigotry. It’s not. It is a working out of deep convictions and a particular understanding of sexuality as a good gift from a good Creator, to be used within certain boundaries.

This is a total non-sequitor. There’s no contradiction between “a working out of deep convictions” and “bigotry.” Just imagine a Christian saying (and some did say things like this in the antebellum South, though not in quite this langauge):

I have a deep conviction in the authority of the Bible. And the Bible clearly approves of slavery, and in fact commands it in some cases (Exodus 22:3; Deuteronomy 20:10-11, 14). Furthermore, I belive, based on Genesis 9:25-27, that the descendants of Ham are to be the slaves of the descendants of Shem and Japheth, and after deep reflection I’ve concluded that Africans are the modern-day descendants of Ham. So please don’t call my support for enslaving Africans bigotry. It’s not. It is a working out of deep convictions.

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