E.J. Dionne Jr. on why he’s not leaving the Catholic Church

In March, the Freedom From Religion Foundation ran a full page ad urging Catholics to leave their church. Now, liberal columnist E.J. Dionne Jr. has a column up explaining why he’s staying (HT: Balloon Juice). Here’s the key paragraph:

I’m sorry to inform the FFRF that I am declining its invitation to quit. It may not see the Gospel as a liberating document, but I do,

Wait, stop right there! Irrelevance! There are, uh, multiple organizations in the world that hold the Gospels (they’re more than one document, by the way) in high esteem. If this were Dionne’s only reason for staying Catholic, it would be no reason at all, because it’s just as much a reason to leave the Catholic Church and go become a nice Episcopalian or something. But that’s not all!:

and I can’t ignore the good done in the name of Christ by the sisters, priests, brothers and lay people who have devoted their lives to the poor and the marginalized.

Slightly better, but still, so what? There are lots of other people who have done good in the name of Christ without belonging to an organization whose leaders think it’s important to campaign politically against birth control. Not to mention engaging in a massive c0ver-up of child rape. Would Dionne keep his membership in any other organization whose leaders acted that way, regardless of what good people lower-down the hierarchy were doing?

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