Out of the hospital

Still not feeling great because, headache, and oh yeah an appendectomy involves making holes in your abdominal muscles, which you use way more than you realize.  This means I won’t be returning to work until next week, which paradoxically may mean I get a lot of writing (including, but not limited to, blogging) done this week. Writing may actually help me not go crazy from boredom while recovering. That or I’ll feel too crappy even to write. We’ll see.

EDIT: A couple things, lest anyone worry about me: first, note that the time zone of this blog is not my personal time zone. Second, the thought that I might do a lot of writing in the next few days was written in the context of being bored out of my mind during much of my day and a half of in-hospital recovery. I had little to do for fun beyond messing around on my phone and re-reading parts of a book I’d already read. So yeah.

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