Privacy is awesome

That’s the name of a new, anti-CISPA campaign (HT: Cory Doctorow). I just e-mailed my Senators. Go do that now, or better yet call them (something that’s tricky for me living out of the country, but which I may do later). This text from the page really resonated with me:

Privacy means you can be yourself. You can express ideas without fear of being discriminated against or unjustly punished. It’s your life without pausing to think who’s watching: party hard, open up to a friend, organize a revolution, hang out with whoever you want–privacy keeps you safe. It’s a core principle in any free society.

Once upon a time, I might not have worried about that too much, but having my first real job suddenly gives me a very different perspective on this. I’ve heard enough stories of people losing their jobs for ridiculous reasons involving things they did online, and the thought that I could be fired over something I did online that was never intended for public consumption has crossed my mind (even if the chance of that is small).

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