Angry Atheists? chapter 8: Science and Religion II: Evolution

This chapter is not finished, but should be in better shape than 2 or 3. With chapters like this, I will definitely re-post when they’re in better shape, so you can take a peek now or wait, whatever you feel like.

Notes on Robert Fogel’s Without Consent or Contract
The strange case of Chris Mooney
Avoiding divorce doesn’t make you a traditionalist
Analogies for animal rights: civil rights vs. the antiwar movement
  • Makoto

    Minor correction, “So if doubt what I’ve just said,” should probably be “So if you doubt what I’ve just said,”. And I love that Dawkins quite at the end about cheetahs.

  • mnb0

    Nice chapter so far, but one of my complaints is growing. Again you are mainly addressing fundies and creacrappers. Now I understand they have much influence in the USA, but Europe is different. I already can hear the typical West-European christian, after shrugging his/her shoulder:

    “All fine, CH, but that’s not what I believe. You are kind of fighting a strawman as far as I am concerned. What’s more, you reject science. You see, History of Antiquity has learned us we should not read ancient texts literally. It’s the meaning of the texts that counts. Paris of Troje send away as a baby to be killed, baby Mozes floating the Nile, Herodes killing all those babies to get at Jesus, these tales were not told because the authors thought they had happened in reality. The meaning is that those figures are important, that they will influence the course of history.
    Thát’s how you should read the Holy Bible. And I maintain that the meaning of the Scripture is highly relevant today – even for you. If you neglect that you are rejecting the results of historical investigations, just like fundies and creacrappers do. When you think about it you’ll realize you are not any different from the ones you fight. So what I believe is true.”

    Have fun. And keep on bashing Plantinga – include Swinburne as well.

    • Chris Hallquist

      Yeah. It’s going to be an America-centric book to some extent, no way to avoid that. I’ll deal with Swinburne in the next chapter, though there isn’t really much to say about him, unfortunately.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Spelling alert: magesteria => magisteria.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Check the Harris quote for some garbling, including a double clause.

    “(Rosenhouse) has a book coming out…”

    Needs updating, it’s out already.